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My introduction to Madam Sabi has been the biggest aid I've received as a career mum.Am not even going to delve into the details of how good the quality and quantity of the foodstuff I've ordered almost every other week has been, that has already been well covered by others. My biggest trip is the quality of your customer service. my first time reading all the testimonials here i thought it was all hype, but now i know you guys mean business!Who would have thought that the best customer service i would ever experience in Nigeria till date would be from the company that buys my foodstuff? Even my bank and my Mobile network do not treat me as well as you do! The timely and professional manner you handle complaints(which i must add rarely ever happens o!)is just fantastic. May i suggest that you also go into the business of training other organizations on how to treat and keep their customers,trust me you will excel at it too. For lack of a better phrase, UNA TOO MUCH!!!
• Tolu Marina 2014-04-30 13:36:25 Average Rating: